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Carlisle Baptist Church is located at 701 Walnut Bottom Road in the city of Carlisle.

History of Carlisle Baptist Church

 Two couples, Ben & Norma Hedrick and Glen & Medina Love, had a desire to start a Southern Baptist church in Carlisle. They met with Chaplain Wallace Hale, then a U S Army War College student, and Area missionary Ralph Neighbor, Jr to begin this new venture, Their efforts were sponsored by Oak View Baptist Church, which is now known as Lake Marburg Baptist Church near Hanover, PA.

The church began worship services in the YMCA facilities on May 22, 1960 and then moved to the Carlisle Municipal Building in 1961. Rapid growth allowed this group of faithful Christians to constitute Carlisle Baptist Church on October 1, 1961.

The land for the current location was purchased in 1962 and the original building constructed in April 1965.

Carlisle Baptist Church has had a very active heritage in beginning new churches, being instrumental in establishing Chambersburg Baptist Church, Williamsport Southern Baptist Church, Yellow Breeches Baptist, and Silver Springs Baptist churches. Sadly, Yellow Breaches and Silver Springs are no long existing as churches.

We are proud of our heritage here in Carlisle but we do not rest upon it. We are very excited to be actively involved in God’s mission in and around Carlisle and Cumberland County as we are partnering in the establishment of new and strengthening of older churches.

To God be the glory!

Past Pastors of Carlisle Baptist Church

Wallace Hale                         
May 1960 – July 1960

George Bausum                     
January 1961 – May 1962

Warren Burnham                   
June 1962 – September 1967

Roy Furches                           
April 1969 – April 1972

Sam Byler                              
July 1972 – November 1980

John Meadows                       
April 1981 – January 1983

Charles McGuire                    
June 1983 – March 1989

Norman Sanders                    
December 1989 – December 1990

Charles Zitzman                     
June 1991 – October 2008

Ed Roman                                
January 2010 – Present

Associations of Carlisle Baptist Church

 Carlisle Baptist Church is a member of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The largest Protestant denomination in the country with over 16 million members and 40,ooo churches.

Baptist Resource Network (BRN) – aka Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania and South Jersey; approximately 350 Southern Baptist churches in PA and South Jersey.

Keystone Baptist Association (KBA) – 35 SBC churches in our local south-central Pennsylvania area.

All churches in the SBC, BRN, and the KBA are autonomous Southern Baptist churches that voluntarily and independently pool their efforts and resources to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.